5 Trends in Nigerian Weddings

Nigerian’s are known for throwing big, lavish parties! And weddings are the biggest!

There’s always hundreds of guests, mountains of food and an array of elaborate and brightly colored outfits.

But what if you want a wedding with some more unique, trendy elements?

If you’re knee-deep in wedding planning or have no idea where to start here’s a list of the hottest trends in upscale Nigerian weddings to help inspire you. You’re welcome!

1) Invitations

color print outlet invite

The more ornate the better! Whether it’s in a frame, in a box, as a scroll or a pop-up version, invitations have become an opulent wedding feature.
One of Nigeria’s most expensive weddings between Ladi Alakija (the son of Nigeria’s first female billionaire) and his fiance Lolade Cardoso set an even higher standard with invitations sent on an emerald green love pillow, placed in a lacquered box with a brass key!

2) Presents

diamond necklace on peacock feathers

Forget dainty, useless trinkets. Nigerian wedding favors are usually practical household items like bowls or mugs. But these days gifts for the guests are more like swag bags from an award show! They can include anything from bespoke iPad covers to diamond jewelry.

3) Destination Wedding

dubai wedding

After the traditional ceremony many couples are opting for a destination white wedding or after-wedding party in locations like Paris, London, Dubai and Turkey. More often than not the guests are responsible for their own expenses so this usually means less guests and a smaller, more intimate celebration.

4) Fun Fabrics

African woman in blue dress

Many brides are opting to change into a second or even third dress after their ceremony. This is a great chance to play around with more fun textures and fabrics and there’s a lot more sequin, glitter and velvet action going on. Yes, Velvet is making a come-back! Sometimes this wardrobe change is kept a secret and it’s a fun way to surprise the groom on the big day.

5) Funky Photo Shoots

African American couple muffins

You don’t need to wait until your wedding day to start incorporating a theme. Many couples are doing themed pre-wedding photo shoots too. From something that reflects their style, like an old school or vintage look, to something more personal, like a cooking or musical hobby (with props too!) a styled shoot makes for a unique event and also a great keepsake!

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